Re-do your Closet

Let’s face it. Fashion changes every five minutes and keeping up with all the current trends can be quite a burden on the wallet. The good news is that at we will teach you how to up-cycle your wardrobe and be bang on trend for no more than the few spare pennies from your pocket. The best part is that when you’re asked who you’re wearing, you can gleefully reply with, “Handmade by me”.

Button Up

Buttons and zippers can make all the difference on an item of clothing. Are you bored of your old shirt and running out of ideas on how to accessorize it? Fear no more. Make a trip to your nearest haberdashery, thrift shop, market, or check out your neighbour’s garage sale and pick up a set of cool buttons. Cut the old buttons off; get busy with some needle and thread, and voila, a whole new look.


Grab a glue gun or invest in some fabric glue and a stash of glitter or rhinestones, and start embellishing. No it’s not just for kids. You can totally update an old blouse or t-shit by simply embellishing the collars and hems with some sparkle. If glittering is not your style, don’t worry; you can just as easily use chain, patches or felt and fabric cut-outs to update your wardrobe.

Dye, Cut and Fray

We all have that odd pair of jeans that has seen better days, but we can’t seem to bear the thought of parting with it. So how about refurbishing them instead?
Strip the colour off by soaking in bleach overnight. Alternatively, buy some dye at the local craft store and follow the instructions. To create a distressed look, grab some sandpaper or razor blades and go over the hems, kneecaps, or wherever else you’d like to fray the fabric or make a hole. Keep in mind the more pressure you apply, and rubbing that you do, the more fabric you will eliminate.

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