Outstanding Invitations

So you’ve gone through the trouble of organizing an event. You’ve got everything set; events planned out, date reserved and the guest list composed, but are not entirely sure how to go about the invitation process.

Now that you’ve gone through all the trouble, naturally you want all your invitees to attend. Fear no more. At creativeideas.org we have just the trick to ensure that the only RSVP’s you receive are in the affirmative.

Teaser Invites

Think of your invitations in terms of creative marketing plans. The invitation needs to serve as the teaser. Your guests need to be tantalized and titillated enough by the invite that the thought of missing your gathering would not even cross their mind. You want to make sure the invites reflect the theme of the event. They should illustrate the overall tone and style of the gathering and cue the guests in terms of what they can expect and what is expected of them.

The nature of the event should help you decide the invitation process.

  • Is it a formal gathering or a casual get together?
  • Are you inviting family, friends or colleagues?
  • What time of the day are you planning for, and is it a sit down meal, party or drinks?

These are important questions to address when deciding on the mode and tone of the invitation.

Social Media Social

Social networks are a great way to get the word out about an event (provided your friends actually use them of course). Alternatively you could send interactive electronic invites and there are loads of websites that allow you to do so for free, or if you are really tech savvy, create an event blog or website.

This type of invitation will cost you nothing, and it’s a great idea to use, especially for work events. The awesome thing about electronic invites is that you can make them as interactive and fun as you wish, and your guests can RSVP directly. The great part is you can have a lead-in up to the event by posting little teasers such as pictures or music, and interacting with your guests directly through comment threads.

You could keep them guessing by posting little clues everyday, and turning it into a little game where the winner will be awarded a small prize at the event. Make it a countdown, and make it count.

Special Delivery

If you’re using physical invites, instead of mailing them in the post you could go a step further and disguise it as a delivery; you could even bring a little appetizer or teaser. It may take a little investigative work, however, to find out when your guests will be home, but keep in mind it’s much more difficult to refuse a surprise or someone who makes a physical call.

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