Creative Marketing Plans

Innovative marketing is the way of the future. Living in the information age, in a society fuelled by media and consumption, and with a very competitive market, being a step ahead can make or break your business.

Offline Marketing

It’s all about standing out. On the basest level you need to establish your presence. It all begins with branding. Think about the corporate image of your company. Do your logo and packaging stand out and speak to your target customers? You want to make sure that your brand image is noticeable, memorable and easily identifiable.

The second step is to ensure presence. You want to put it everywhere where people can see it, so make sure your stationery packs are up to date. That is, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, diaries, thank you notes, whatever you may think of, that potential customers could have in hand, and that would showcase your brand.

Let Workplace to Reflect Your Ideas

Don’t forget about the office space either; the workspace should reflect your corporate image guidelines. You may also want to consider introducing a uniform. It doesn’t have to be a whole get-up either. It could be as simple as having your employees dress up in brand coordinated colour schemes, and equipping them with a badge or printing a few fun t-shirts.

Lovely Freebies

Next, you might want to stock up on promo materials. People love freebies. They don’t need to cost a fortune. Something as simple as a sticker can travel a long way, and serve as advertising.

Give them out at events, trade fairs or pop-up shops, which you should be participating in, in order to get closer to customers and get yourself noticed.

Lastly, consider investing in sponsorships. People are more likely to invest in goodwill brands that give back to the community.

Online Marketing

It is the digital age, so if content marketing, search engine optimization and user engagement and experience are not in your business vocabulary or practice, you must be doing something wrong, and it’s time to re-do your closet. Make sure you are investing in and regularly posting engaging content online and on social media.

Buyers want information. The more you give, the more you stand to earn. Do make your online presence two-way and interactive. Make sure you have customer service extending into online media in forums and chat rooms. Ease of access to service and help is one of the main priorities for consumers when choosing a product or service provider.

Make it Fun and Think Out of the Box

Post competitions for users to participate in, or give rewards to those who keep coming back. Online casinos make very effective use of this strategy by offering free spins to their customers. In this way they can attract new customers by allowing them to test out said service, and reward existing ones for continuing to come back. That’s two birds with one stone.

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