Creative Ideas for Using Eggs in Decoration

Eggs are pregnant with symbolism. Throughout history the symbol of the egg has been presented as the motif of life itself, ‘the cradle of civilization’. It represents ellipsis, wholeness, the beginning and the end, the circle of life.

There are many traditions and rituals associated with the egg, the first to come to mind being Easter. In the Christian faith the egg denotes a metaphor for the resurrection of Christ and the holy trinity. In Jewish tradition it is taken as a symbol of promise, and from the dawn of time, in pagan parables and representations, it has always been considered a symbol of birth, growth and hope.

Surely, including such wonderful imagery in your home does not need to be limited to Easter, does it?

The Egg as a Decorative Item

Eggs make wonderful decorative features. Not to mention how easy and cheap they are to obtain and how simply they can be utilized and transformed into accent pieces. All you need to do is hollow them out, and you’re good to go! Should you wish to keep the pearly white shell intact, all that needs to be done is to carefully poke a hole through both ends and blow out the insides into a container.

The options are endless for using eggs in decor. The simplest thing is to leave them as they are. You could place them in a bowl, loop a string through them and hang them on some twigs or twine, place them in a bouquet, or simply use then as an embellishment to houseplants. You could even get more inventive and grow herbs and grasses inside the halves, or make lampshades or wind chimes from the whole ones. The only limit is your imagination.

Creative Solutions

If you want to get more inventive you can varnish, paint or dye the eggs using colourful dyes, or alternatively boil them in tea and onionskins for a more rustic/natural look. To add a bit more dazzle you can tie them together with stockings or lace, embellish them with string or ribbon, dried leaves or petals, glitter or rhinestones. The possibilities are endless. Anything would do, really, it just depends on the look you’re trying to achieve.

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