Creative Ideas for Gift Wrapping

Everyone loves gifts, whether it’s buying them or receiving them. However the most exciting part about presents is the anticipation of unwrapping them. A well-packaged token adds just the right personal touch.

Forget Expensive Wrap

You can use literarily any scrap material around the house, be it bits of fabric, newspapers, magazines, tin foil, old packaging, string, ribbon, wire or whatever you may find lying around your home. We have compiled a list of a couple of ideas you may like.

Rustic Remembrances

If you want to go for a country or vintage sort of feel, you’ll want to focus on earthy, natural colouring, handmade vibes and minimalism. Have you thought about using an old cleaned tin, Mason jar or milk bottle for smaller gifts?

For wrapping, an old potato sack, scraps of fabric, netting, lace, old t-shirts, denim, newspaper or brown paper would do. Now to tie everything together and achieve that charming homespun air, secure with twine, wool, ribbon, straw, fishing lines or long enough cuttings of fabric. Feel free to embellish a little further by adding accent pieces such as pine cones, fishing hooks, twigs, tags, baubles, cardboard cut-outs or whatever else may take your fancy.

Personal Touches

We were all impressed with Angelina Jolie’s wedding gown, when she was getting hitched to Brad. Remember the Atelier Versace veil, famously adorned with doodles by her children and husband?

That’s an idea you might want to try for your wrapping. What could be more thoughtful and personalized than a uniquely designed and crafted wrapping paper?

Grab your pencils, colours or paints and go nuts. You may want to create regular or geometric patterns or just have fun with it; it’s up to you. If you’re not up to drawing or painting efforts, on the other hand, stickers are usually quite easy and cheap to source; alternatively just use glue and cut-outs. Another interesting idea is to use two layers of different wrapping, keeping the bottom layer as a whole and making cut-outs in the top one.

Don’t be shy, just use your imagination. There are a million things you can do to add that extra pizzaz to gifts.

In the next section find out how to extend this creativity to outstanding invitations, making them just as irresistible and impossible to ignore.

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